Preet Se Bandhi Yeh Dori…Ram Milayi Jodi – Episode 354

Mona accuses Bharati of being very selfish in thinking only about her son and not about her pain. Bharati is shocked and goes away. Ketaki tells Mona that she is insulting the woman who has thought only about her. Bharati laments that she has always thought of Mona more than her own daughters, yet Mona called her selfish. Ketaki says that due to Bharati’s leniency, Mona is becoming rude. Aditya returns and tells Bharati about whatever happened in Chandigarh. He tells Ketaki that they should not force Mona to do anything. The rental agency man warns Kalpesh that he should be ready to vacate the house. Mona tells the man that he will get the rent. Mona asks Kalpesh not to ask anyone else for money. A rich business man calls Mona and asks her to design all the clothes for his wedding. Mona agrees. However, she is shocked to see Aditya there. The businessman introduces them to each other and tells Mona that Aditya will manufacture her designs. Mona refuses to work with Aditya. The businessman guesses that Mona has personal problems with Aditya and tells Mona not to bring her personal issues in business deals. Aditya assures Mona that he will not interfere in her work and she should accept the job. Mona agrees. Meanwhile, Satnaam and Vimmi are worried about Vimmi’s pregnancy as everyone will make fun of them. Satnaam assures Vimmi that they will face the situation together. Mona and Aditya have a very silly argument and Ashiq Mia watches them. The businessman and his fianc re
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